Copperwell Pan | Premium copper non-stick frying pan | No oils needed, healthy cooking | 28 cm

Are you still cooking with pans that burn your food again and again? Do you always have to scratch and scrape to eliminate charred food from your pan? The solution is Copperwell Pans!

The copper surface is scratch resistant and can withstand the toughest tests without being ruined. Their high conductivity distributes heat faster and more evenly than other pans. 

Copperwell Pans have a non-stick surface that will allow you to prepare dishes quicker and to cook them to perfection. And your dishes will be much healthier, since there’s no need to use butter or oil.


✔️ Infused with copper particles
✔️ Non scratch technology
✔️ Fast and uniform heat distribution
✔️ Non-stick surface: cook without oils
✔️ Stainless steel handle
✔️ Perfect size: 28 cm