Stonewell Square Deep Pan | The 100% non-stick squared frying pan | 28 cm

Less fat or oil! Stonewell is a professional frying pan designed for cooking because it combines the best of different cooking utensils The conducting heat of high-quality aluminium and a stone coating.

Nothing sticks! Stonewell is completely non-stick, so you don't need touse oil or butter to cook.

The cooking surface has small stone particles that make this frying pan the strongest on the market. Stonewell heats up quicky and stays hot for a longtime.

Stonewel frying pans have an ergonomic phenolic resin handle that stays cool even while cooking.


✔️ Extraordinarily hard stone coating
✔️ For light healthier cooking
✔️ Completely non-stick
✔️ Less fat or oil
✔️ Traditional stone cooking highlights food's natural flavour
✔️ Can be used on all kinds of hobs: gas, electric, ceramic and induction