Copperwell Pan | Premium copper non-stick frying pan | No oils needed, healthy cooking | 28 cm


Are you tired of using pans that always burn your food meaning that you have to scratch and scrape the pan to clean it? The amazing non-stick, scratch-proof Copperwell Pan is the answer to all your prayers!

Its non-stick surface allows you to cook food to perfection without the need for oil or butter, making your food much more healthy!
You no longer need to worry about scratches to the pan when cooking and cleaning as it is 100% scratchproof.

Cook food quicker and more evenly compared to other pans thanks to its high conductivity coating.
The Copperwell Pan is versatile enough to work with all stove tops and can even be used in the oven thanks to its unique blend of durable materials.


✔️ Non-stick surface
✔️ Cook without oils or butter
✔️ Non scratch technology
✔️ Highly durable
✔️ Fast and even heat distribution
✔️ Stainless steel handle
✔️ Perfect size: 28 cm 
✔️ Suitable for all stove tops & ovens

✔️ Very easy to clean