Savormatic Grill | Non-stick pan and grill all-in-one | For healthier cooking

 Do you like grilled food but you can't stand all those oils and fats around it? Do you have to use a different utensil for each food to avoid mixing the flavours? Now you don't have to!

Savormatic Grill is designed with a scratch resistant, non-stick surface containing stone micro-particles that allows you to cook without any oils.

And its two surfaces will let you cook different meals at the same time without mixing flavours.

You can enjoy healthier meals and the delicious flavour of traditional stone cooking!

In addition, the even heat distribution offers perfect cooking and healthier meals because excess fat doesn’t stay on the food, but is collected in the removable tray.

Say goodbye to that bunch of utensils you no longer need. Now, you can prepare all your meals in just one pan!



✔️ Non-stick, scratch resistant surface with stone micro-particles
✔️ High power: 1500W
✔️ Non-stick resistant surface with micro-stone particles
✔️ Two surfaces: smooth and griddle
✔️ Does not transfer flavors
✔️ Cool-touch handles
✔️ Removable tray that collects excess fat
✔️ Super easy clean-up
✔️ Dimensions:40x23cm


1 x Savormatic Grill (40x23cm)
1 x Grill recipe guide
1 x Japanese recipe guide
1 x Japanese Cooking Set (Japanese knife + Japanese spatula + Nigiri tong + Wooden spatula + Sushi mat)