Fat burning body vibration platform | Shape up and get fit fast


Do you want to shape up and get fit fast with a machine that does all the work for you? Now you can thanks to Gymform Vibromax Plus. Go from flabby to fit in just 10 minutes a day!

This vibration plate will make your muscles contract and relax up to 2000 times per minute (34 times per second!). How? It’s simple: thanks to the multidimensional vibration waves that work every muscle in your body and activate fat to get you in shape faster than you ever thought possible!

✔️ 9 workout programs with 99 speed levels
✔️ Full body workout
✔️ Zero impact. A great way to get in shape without affecting your joints

✔️ Only 10 minutes a day to obtain fast results
✔️ The most complete fitness machine in your home
✔️ Easy to store and transport

Don’t wait! Accelerate your workout regime with the amazing Gymform Vibromax Plus. Buy now and take advantage of this offer with free shipping (Australia wide) and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The set includes:

1 x Gymform Vibromax Vibration Plate
1 x Remote control
1 x Resistance band set
1 x User Manual 
1 x Diet and Workout Guide


✔️  10 exercise programs including: massage, warm up or fat burning
✔️  From 1 to 99 speeds
✔️  It works all your body muscles
✔️  Intense supercharged workout
✔️  Up to 34 muscles contractions per second

✔️  Only 10 minutes a day
✔️  Get in shape in the comfort of your home
✔️  No exertion
✔️  Whole body vibration


-How does it works, with batteries or electricity?
Vibromax works with electricity (200W / AC 22' - 240V).

-Is Vibromax suitable for weight-loss?
Yes of course! One of the programs of Vibromax Plus is specially designed for Fat-burning. This program is based on metabolic rate, so it means that you burn calories to finally lose weight. Moreover, the vibrations of this machine will help you to get a better circulation that helps you to reduce fat. 

-Is Vibromax also suitable for get in shape?
Absolutely! Thanks to Vibromax you'll increase your body toning and your flexibility. It also helps you to improve your muscle tone and favour your lymphatic draining. 

-I'm worried about my joints. Can the vibration of Vibromax affect me negatively?
Absolutely not. Vibromax has a zero impact on your joints.