Lamp Zapper | Portable and effective bug zapper | Feel free of annoying bugs

Don’t let annoying bugs ruin your day! Get the new Lamp Zapper, the portable bug zapper you can use anywhere!

Lamp Zapper uses battery power to charge its shielded electric grid, so at night when the bugs come out, its bright ultraviolet light silently attracts over 100 different types of insects, like mosquitoes and flies, to the protected electric grid, which instantly terminates them with a powerful 300-volt zap!

There’s absolutely no electricity needed! Runs on 2 x 1,5V AA batteries (not included

Moreover, you can use it as a lantern thanks to its LED Lantern Mode.


✔️ Wireless
✔️ No chemicals and sprays
✔️ Wide area coverage
✔️ LED Lantern Mode

✔️ Long lasting
✔️ Easy to use
✔️ Totally effective
✔️ Work with batteries
✔️ High power UV Light